Welcome! Yep, this is new territory for me. It seems a bit unsettling as I am a greenhorn in this venue. I’ve also asked myself, “How will I ride into this mediascape and avoid coming off looking bewildered, foolish, and inept or saddle-sore?” Why should I go off my pre-printed map into this uncharted wilderness risking encounters with snakes, diseases, and potential starvation? After all, I know I will invite dangerous bite back with some of what I say.
Perhaps taking this step will open up new panoramas I haven’t imagined. Pushing the envelope (accepted and approved paradigm) until it gives way into fresh, sweet, open air sounds like more.
How would you like to sally forth with me on a journey into unfamiliar frontiers? OK, then, how about the crazy notion of exploring life in the vast lane? Is loving and living large with Jesus a platitude or possibility? What about this? “. . . (Forget) the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Instead of attacking/blaming/whining about the past, live into your future, the one designed for you by your Abba. So when will you start? I’m heading out now. Life is richer in community!
I want to investigate and experience the terra-(sometimes-not-so) firma with you. We can poke around the bushes of a culturally cultivated but groaning creation landscape and be part of creatively changing it into a space that makes welcome the Kingdom of God. While I am aware this is not the only elephant to ride it is a free ride and if you wish you may return to your familiar world with a simple finger stroke. (Yeah, I just mixed metaphors all up! If LDS can put elephants in South America I can put them on the frontier.)
That brings me to what I anticipate for this parcel of blue cyber sky. I expect content here to reflect conversation streams I have had with my fellow explorers, maybe even you. It will also be a place where my thoughts and current reading can be mingled, merged and hung out to air.
I imagine that there are many followers of Jesus who have abandoned the tired structures of an institution that stifles their creativity, their honest inquiry and/or legitimate pain and have not found a place of healing or a supportive community. Perhaps their (or your) faith has taken a back seat or is bumping along in the trunk.
Deep inside of me I am earnest about my role and how I might share in advancing the health, formation and future of the body of Christ. We who are members of His body participate in those three aspects with our gifts, leadership and influence. So that I am not misunderstood at the outset, I believe in the Church! She has a glorious, shining future! Having said that, I’m not sure Constantine did the Church any favors when he summoned it out of the shadows and into State accepted legitimacy seventeen hundred years ago.
Oh, an explanation on the risks taken in the wilderness ahead. Snakes might be regarded as indigenous protectors of the institutional territory we explore. Typically, they want to guard against the exposure of their private agendas that keep them in power. Diseases are unhealthy cultures that exist to keep the host/s in power. Starvation is what happens when the diet of the Body of Christ is restricted/forced to accept pre-packaged traditional comfort menus.
While there are thousands of blogs available to read, mine is unique. How so? Well, this is the only one in the world written by me. Scary? Indeed! I am SO still intimidated by widgets, RSS and tags. As time ticks on, I hope to improve the look and usability of these pages so you will be able to navigate and comment more easily. Also, I’m sure this post has left you with unconnected dots. Good! I want to hear how you would add to, or finish, the story. A wise man once told me, “There are two important things to remember about business. The first is, don’t tell all you know.”
So, strap on the seatbelt! OK, saddles don’t have seatbelts yet. Don’t tell the politicians. Let’s survey the terrain ahead for Holy Spirit activity and join with it. First stop, a coffee shop. My canteen is empty.

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